Rupesh Paudyal - Image processing/analysis and animations

Rupesh Paudyal

Image processing/analysis and animations

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Leeds


• Animation: 2D or 3D Animations of a cellular pathway for presentations or websites. I will use Blender 3D or Adobe Illustrator to make pictures and animations.

• 2D/3D diagrams: converting 2D diagrams/images to 3D using Blender 3D. I am also make 2D cartoons that could be used as figures.

• Batch image processing/analysis: I specialise in confocal microscopy analysis of cellular components including co-localization analysis, fluorescence quantification, tracking objects (velocity and displacement quantification) using Volocity. I can do basic statistics but will provide processed data ready for you to do statistical analysis. Processing of large number of images and analysing them as required using ImageJ macros.

• Examples of my most recent published work can be found in the links below.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

What do you need to provide us with?

• Animation: Clear explanation of what is required either through writing, ideally accompanied by a simple diagram (or link to a similar already published diagram).

• 2D/3D diagrams: 2D image must be provided or provide a web link to the 2D image. Attach written explanation if you require something specific.

• Batch image processing/analysis: Specify what analysis needs to be performed i.e. the target tissue/cell or components within a picture(s). Images should be shared through data sharing domains. They will be analysed using ImageJ .jpg format but if the images are in different format like .lsm or .czi, I can run a macro to convert them to .jpg before processing the images.

What will I deliver?

• Animation and 3D images: This can be delivered as a movie file or time-lapse images that could be used to make GIF, JPG and TIFF files can also be provided either through e-mail or a sharing domain depending on the size of the image.

• Batch image processing: Excel file with results of the analysis as specified.

Quality results!


Image representing an article

Article: Trafficking modulator TENin1 inhibits endocytosis, causes endomembrane protein accumulation at the pre-vacuolar compartment and impairs gravitropic response in Arabidopsis thaliana

Rupesh Paudyal, Adam Jamaluddin, James P. Warren, Siamsa M. Doyle, Stιphanie Robert, Stuart L. Warriner, Alison Baker

Image representing an article

Article: The life of the peroxisome: from birth to death

Alison Baker, Rupesh Paudyal

Image representing an article

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