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Flow Cytometry Facility

Flow Cytometry Facility

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Flow cytometry (or FACS) is a technology that allows the rapid measurement of fluorescently labelled samples. Common applications include: cell cycle, ploidy analysis, proliferation and immunophenotyping.

Becton Dickinson BD-LSRFortessa
This analyser will detect up to 11 colours and full training on its operation is provided. Emission filters and dichroics are interchangeable if required. Ideally suited to performing multicolour analysis for cell cycle assays, cell proliferation, apoptosis and multicolour immunophenotyping.

Software: DiVa 6

Becton Dickinson FACSAria II
This machine is a high-speed sorter, and is principally used by the operator only; labs doing lots of sorting can have a user trained on the Aria.
Software: DiVa 6

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What we will deliver

-We provide a sample preparation service. If you wish you can bring your own preparation.
-Shared IT facilities for the analysis of data is provided. In case you wish to analyse your data at your institution, web version of the software available is enabled for access outside of the laboratory.

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